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Friday 21 November 2014
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Searching for a Unique Vacation of Adventure and Relaxation?



Are you looking for a completely different type of vacation experience? If you do, Sea Travel Holiday and Frachtschiff-Touristik Zylmann GmbH offers the possibility to travel as a passenger on a Container Cargo Ship and to have a totally different holiday experience! A swimming pool, sauna, fitness room, air conditioning and comfortable deck chairs are no longer the exception on cargo ships. While reaching more destinations, you will embark on a journey of relaxation with all amenities included. As a passenger on a cargo ship you will start the day with hearty breakfast. At noon you will enjoy hot meals complete with appetizers and deserts and in the evening a meal is provided that includes a variety of items such as breads, cold cuts and a warm snack. On board you will enjoy nature at its very best and occasionally be able to observe marine life such as whales and dolphins. Naturally, you will have splendid views of the ocean and coast lines and enjoy viewing great cloud formations and beautiful sunsets.

In the hands of a knowledgeable, responsible and well-trained crew you will be able to observe the world of mariners up-close, and stepping onto a cargo ship means entering into an experience that is both adventurous and relaxing at the same time. However, as a guest on board you are not obligated to anything during your stay. It therefore means being in a world without social obligations, while traveling in an atmosphere of unprecedented freedom. With the exception of periods during which the ship is being piloted in or out of harbors, you will have access to the bridge, have the opportunity to tour the engine room and be able watch the process of the ship being loaded or unloaded. Travelers are of course welcome to visit each and every port  that the ship docks, and crew members will be happy to inform you where you can find fine but inexpensive restaurants, the most interesting shops and gain access to the best means of local transportation.

In the event that you do not immediately find something to your satisfaction under the heading “Destinations”, be sure to contact us. We will be glad to research other possible route options that may be suited to your taste.




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